When your employees support and talk positively about your company, it's like having a strong tool to make more people know about your brand. By using the voices of your employees together, you can make your brand reach more people, connect with them genuinely, and get real business benefits.

What is Employee Advocacy?

What is Employee Advocacy

When we want our company to grow naturally, everyone needs to help make it happen. From the people who create our products to those who promote them, everyone plays a part in our company's success and its reputation.

Employee advocacy is a smart way to use the power of our employees to tell more people about our brand and what we do. It means we encourage and help our team members share our company's branded contents on their social media accounts, so more people see it. This simple approach helps us reach more people online and make our brand more trusted and respected, all without spending too much money or using complicated methods.

What is Employee Advocacy
 Why is Employee Advocacy Important

Why is Employee Advocacy Important?

Why is Employee Advocacy Important

Employee advocacy is vital in today's world, as it humanises your business and builds trust with your audience. In a time when consumers are becoming more resistant to traditional branding and marketing campaigns, a brand's authenticity and reputation are all that matter. And having your people share your content and endorse your brand not only generates a ripple effect that expands your online reach but also shows that your company is backed by genuine people who believe in what they do.

Employee advocates share real stories about their time with the company, showing off its values, culture, and the difference it makes. This adds a personal touch that makes the brand feel more human and helps form a stronger bond with the audience. Now, let's look at the good things that come from using an employee advocacy platform.

  • Consumers tend to trust recommendations from real people over brands.
  • Content shared by employees receives more engagement than content shared by brands.

  • Every employee has a unique network, multiplying the potential audience for company messages.
  • A collective effort can expand brand visibility to newer and broader audiences.

  • Utilizes existing resources (employees) rather than additional advertising spend.
  • Generates organic reach, reducing the need for paid promotions.

  • Attracts potential candidates through positive word-of-mouth.
  • Makes recruiting easier when employees are active ambassadors of the company culture.

  • Employees feel more valued when they're entrusted to represent the brand.
  • Engaged employees lead to higher productivity and reduced turnover.

  • Encourages employees to share their expertise and insights, establishing company authority in the industry.
  • Builds a community of informed advocates that can drive industry conversations forward.

Tips to Build a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

Tips to Build a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

Building a successful employee advocacy program begins with clear communication of the company's vision and the role employees play in sharing that message. It's crucial to identify and engage enthusiastic advocates from within the workforce and provide them with proper training on social media best practices.

By following these steps and maintaining consistent communication, companies can effectively harness the power of their employees as authentic brand ambassadors.

  • Get the support and commitment from top management to ensure the program's success.

  • Clearly outline what you want to achieve with the program, whether it's increased brand awareness, higher employee engagement, or more leads.

  • Look for enthusiastic employees who are already active on social media and willing to support the brand.

  • Develop content that is not only relevant to your brand but also easy for employees to share on their social networks.

  • Train your employees on social media best practices and provide them with the tools they need to be successful advocates.

  • Clearly communicate what is expected from employees when they are representing the brand online.

  • Monitor the program's performance and gather feedback to make necessary improvements.

  • Show appreciation for your employee advocates by recognizing their efforts and providing rewards or incentives.

  • Foster a positive work environment that naturally encourages employees to become brand advocates.

  • Continually evolve the program based on industry trends and platform changes.
 Tips to Build a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

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Social media networks are becoming ‘nerve centers’ for driving a host of business (yes, not solely personal) use cases—from driving lasting connections with leads to generating positive word-of-mouth publicity for the company, employees are emerging as the lifeblood of a company’s advocacy program.

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Customer Testimonials

Bianca Vickers

Digital Marketing Manager at BMT

"The Socxo team tries to accommodate all our needs."

Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use. The best they can to accommodate our requests and introduce the functionalities we need to make the best use of the tool. I also like how easy the platform is to use, even for people who are not very tech savvy - which we certainly have in our team.

Eric Jan C. van Putten

VP of Marketing at Dynamicweb

"Great solution, with interesting approach!"

- not user based, but share credit based (great to try it out in an organisation)

- price (affordable)

- content intake & moderation

- reporting

Vinod Kumar M

VP of Marketing at [24]7.ai

"At [24]7.ai, we’ve had a great experience with Socxo! The product was simple to understand, very efficient for data collecting, and cost-effective – easily one of the best I have had Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use.

Our Socxo Support Team has been phenomenal in sharing their knowledge, and tips for utilization and is always ready to help whenever we need it. We’ve seen tremendous results from our program, with brand conversations growing by 2x, a social media engagement rate increase from 7% to ~15% and significantly more positive brand conversations.